Thursday, May 8, 2008

7up Bottling Co.Sign ~ Portland, Oregon 5/08/2008

This morning I painted the old 7up Bottling Co. building in SE Portland, OR. It is on Sandy Blvd. I think the building is vacant.

This building has a charming art deco design and has been around a long time. It has a great old sign. The 7up bubble logo faces three directions and the old bottle at the top reminds me of the kind of bottle you'd find in a 1950's gas station; and that you'd slide out of a chest cooler dispenser, (after the 15cent deposit).

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Debra Jane Seltzer (aka agilitynut) said...

The building is not vacant. It has been used to produce canned energy drinks for many years. The sign has just been "messed with":