Monday, June 30, 2008

Port of Kalama fishing on Columbia River

Fishermen bank fish for salmon and steelhead on the beach at the Marina Park at the Port of Kalama in Kalama, Washington. People engage in boating, picnicking, swimming, walking, playing tennis and horseshoes, and sunning themselves in the area. Kalama Export at the top of this painting is where ships dock to load grain to go to the orient.

Kalama High School

Kalama High School sits on a hill in our small town. It has interesting architecture. There is no eye level view, so the external character goes largely unnoticed. Students get a great view looking out from their classroom windows. They see the marina at the Port of Kalama, the lower Columbia River and the hills of northwest Oregon.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

CharLee Bethje's Dance Performance

With proud Grandpa Wise
CharLee and her group did a great job in their jazz performance of Hot, Hot, Hot! in the Little Mermaid themed part of the dance show. This young lady can dance.

CharLee and Rem at home in Kennewick

The Bethje family has moved to Kennewick, Washington. CharLee and Rem get the opportunity to make new friends this summer.

Silas Swinging

Silas likes to swing in a Portland, Oregon park.
He misses his Dad who is fishing in Alaska.

Water lilies at Lake Sacajawea by Allan Wise

Marie and I did water lily paintings today at Lake Sacajawea in Longview, Washington. They are interesting forms. Monet is famous for his, but I like Marie's better.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Yellow Irises at Lake Sacajawea ~ Longview, WA

The yellow irises are in full bloom at Lake Sacajawea. Marie painted the irises up close. I chose this quiet little finger of the lake to paint. My dad used to carry me on his shoulders at this location over 50 years ago. Yellow was his favorite color. The lake and I are reflective.

Port of Kalama ~ Columbia River ~ Oregon Hills

Marie and I painted the Columbia River and the Oregon Hills from the Port of Kalama. The composition for this painting is very plain, but I never tire of viewing the Lower Columbia. Her painting is here.