Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Three Sunflowers ~ by Allan Wise

Three Sunflowers, 30"x40". This is the largest painting I have done. It is acrylic on canvas.

The light seems to radiate from the tallest sunflower. Marie planted sunflowers last year and I've been wanting to paint some since autumn. We kept three spent sunflowers over the winter, and these are the inspiration for this work. I really liked the faded colors on the dead flowers, but I livened them up a lot in this work. Marie and I both enjoy Van Gogh's works with sunflowers. I'm sure we'll do more sunflowers.

The ground is mostly big brush strokes, the leaves/stalks mostly medium strokes, the sunflowers are mostly palette knife, and the blues and white skies are blended.

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Ninni said...

Nice to see your blog with your own paintings! I like the painting with sunflowers...In my garden in Sweden I use to plant sunflowers every year. But not this year since I live in Brazil...
I´m a bit curious, how did you find my blog??